About Us

The Counseling Place opened in 1997 when Randy and Roslyn Scott began practicing together in a small professional office on Cliff Valley Way. Although they have similar training and specialities, their professional journeys began in slightly different ways. Please read more about them individually below.

Randy Scott

For over 28 years, my private practice life has involved the assistance of individuals, couples and families. In the beginning, I worked for an agency last known as AlphaCare at various sites in the Atlanta area. After a brief stint as an addictions counselor in Delaware (while my wife completed her internship), I returned to Atlanta and eventually opened my own private practice in 1997.

Therapy sessions usually last 50 minutes, regardless the number of people in attendance. I enjoy working with couples and families but also with individuals who have relationship concerns, depression, addiction, anxiety, questions about spiritual formation, or want to focus on job clarification. Most couples will eventually work at communication and conflict resolution, but the emphasis varies from diversity of faith in the home to parenting, finances, managing with extended family, sex and intimacy, organization, and power. I also have experience in assisting couples in healing after an affair, grieving after a loss, and negotiating various challenges in parenting, whether young or late adolescent.

I have long considered it a privilege to work with people in the private matters of their lives and welcome the opportunity to work with you. I prefer to talk with people before scheduling, so please call me at (404) 633-2334 for us to see if I might be the type of therapist you are looking for.

Roslyn Harden Scott

I think it is important to find out about counselors or psychologists before you consider trusting them with your private information, so I want to tell you about myself and my approach. I am a licensed psychologist and have been working in this field since 1981. My approach is a collaborative one: You bring information about yourself–what you think; how you feel; your view of yourself, relationships, life and the world. I bring my professional training and experience along with a perspective that includes acceptance and compassion. My role is an active one, but not one that eclipses your responsibility or the satisfaction of finding your own way.

Usually people call me when they feel stuck–

  • stuck in frustrating or unsatisfying relationships;
  • caught up in painful conflict;
  • feel lonely, hurt, or afraid because friends or marriage and family relationships have changed;
  • are struggling with grief, anxiety, or depression;
  • feel confused about how to go forward with unexpected or unwanted circumstances such as singleness, unfaithfulness, or aging parents;
  • are surprised about how difficult and demanding parenting can be; or,
  • have become disappointed with jobs and a changing career path.

My passion is to help restore hope–sometimes through providing understanding and support that leads to re-focusing, getting back on track, or re-examining faith and values. At other times, my role is to help with facing an unwanted truth about yourself, your spouse, a family member, or a friend–which usually leads to creating a path toward change or forgiveness and healing.

If you think I am a good fit for you or might be, please call me so I can answer your questions and set up an appointment. The first session is a chance for me to learn about you and what prompted your call as well as an opportunity for you to clarify how you would like to go forward. You can reach me at (404) 633-2335.