More About Roslyn

Although I took a somewhat scenic route to my current profession as a psychologist, it has always been my desire to make a difference for others in a positive way. My training and work experience have focused on education, ministry, and counseling, beginning with  my undergraduate degree from The College of William and Mary (B.A. in Early Childhood Education). I began my teaching career at an elementary school here in the Atlanta area but eventually moved to teaching adults in the graduate school setting. During college, I was a volunteer with Young Life (an outreach to high school students) and later joined YL career staff in Atlanta, GA as well as Charlotte, NC. For graduate school, I first attended Georgia State University and a unique program at PSI (now Richmont) in order to obtain my M.Ed. in Community Counseling; the PSI component focused on integrating psychology and theology. After taking an intermission to be a nanny in France, I worked at a local in-patient psychiatric unit prior to beginning my Ph.D. program at GSU. My post-graduate experience has included teaching and supervision of graduate students in addition to private practice.

It was during my Ph.D. coursework that I met and married my husband, Randy. We worked with different professional groups at first, but eventually joined to create The Counseling Place. It has been our privilege to be the parents of two daughters who are now adults.